Manuel Canga_

Backend developer, WebPerf


I am a Zend Certified PHP Engineer with many years of experience building tailor made web application.
Projects I have developed include from a few bespoke CMS and some complex intranets( for university, TV company, ... ) to fast web portals from the ground up. They can be seen in my portfolio

I offer professional PHP support to development web product as freelancer. I can code 10 to 30 hours per week in your project and being like one more in your TEAM.

My side projects_

These are my side projects. In them I have invested most of my personal time and that is why I have a lot of affection.

  • Display Metadata: This plugin WordPress shows metas in a metabox for posts( any CPT ), terms( any taxonomy ), comments and users. Metadata are displayed for humans( organized and unserialized ).
  • WPO Checker: This plugin WordPress allows to you to check performance of your posts and terms. You’ll test your website contents with Gtmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, Web Page Test, Page Speed Optimization, Yellow Lab Tools and Batch Speed.
  • Gist it PHP: A little app to embed files from a github repository like a gist into your blog / website
  • RapidoPress: RapidoPress is a fork of WordPress. Rapido is minimalist and is focused on the development of web portals and web applications.
  • TEAM Framework: PHP 7 Framework focus on DRY( Don't Repeat Yourself ) and TEAM( together everyone achieves more )